I have met many people in my life, who seem to care about the happiness of other people a lot. Many of them have had a big influence on me as well. However, if I were to choose one person out of all those to represent as hero, I would choose my friend back home, Mandeep. He is a one-of-a kind guy. He can make friends so easily, and adapt so fast that it’s to differentiate from the people who were already there for years. He cares about other people a lot. I know him personally a lot, so I have seen, heard, and experienced moments where Mandeep has left his sorrow and worries aside to help other people cheer up, or to make other people laugh in their most joy moments. He is my hero, and my idol. He has been my inspiration for a very long time now. Although I would never say that to him, obviously right, but among all the people I know in my so far life, I respect him the most.