Facebook, although a very well known and used social website around the world, has scored 64 out of 100 on the scale of American Customer Satisfaction Index. It’s privacy issues, poor user experience, too much unnecessary modifications, and increasing commercialization  are causing Facebook to also be one of the hateful sites in the cyber world. Other websites have also made there share on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Wikipedia is on high roll with 77 out 100, making it the topper in the social media site list. YouTube had also made it’s fare share with 73 points, followed by Myspace with 63. Other than social media sites there is another criteria for rating the top search portals in the cyber world, which as we all might know is, Google with 80 out of 100 points. Leading itself to the top of the search portals, followed by Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. Bing has made an remarkable approach of being able to collect 77 out 100 in it’s first showing in the scale.