Hearing about teenage suicides due to bullying isn’t something very new to is, but the fact that the bullying was a cyber bullying shocked me. Looking at a person ending his life, just because of being bullied by people he might not even know at all really brought my spirit down. Also the fact that really made me angry is that when that boy asked help from other people to confront those bullies with him, no one care to help him. People didn’t want to get their had dirty while helping some kid face bullies. The author of the article “ganging up on cyber bullying” really looks into this cyber bullying matter seriously. This is not the first time someone has committed suicide due to cyber bullying. He, his friend, and his teacher put in a lot of efforts to increase the awareness of  this topic. They were even invited to the White House to participate in a national summit regarding bullying topics. The efforts produced by the author to increase the awareness of this topic.