I am hoping that mostly all of us know about Khan Academy. It is one of most successful source of virtual teaching an learning. Right now, over millions of students or even grown up adults are part of this amazing website that educated people in a very interactive way. Real life learning is definitively awesome, but some advantages that virtual learning has over real life learning is that:

– You can go on your own pace

– You don’t have to feel embargoes of asking the same question again and again. Just rewind the video.

– You don’t have to sit there and watch it a specific time. It’s at your own will, if your responsible and interested enough.

– If you don’t completely understand from the virtual source, you always have the real life learning to refer back to with some extra knowledge.

Khan Academy is that very virtual learning course. It in particular is very entertaining and lively compared to other virtual educational videos, simply because the voice of the tutor is always very enthusiastic and also because he tries to keep the humor alive in the video too.

Khan Academy began when one person, Salman Khan, tried to help his cousins in Maths or just for their sake made a video about it and uploaded it n YouTube. The feedback he received was amazing. He got letters from people, enthusiastic and thanking YouTube comments, people actually started watching his videos for their preparations, etc. From there he got an idea of Khan Academy and started this amazing virtual source  of education.