As many of us might know already One Dy on Earth is an organization that record, and influence other to do so too, various activities that occur around the globe on one single day, and post them on their website These videos are marvelous to see, and hard to believe as it has so much going on in it in one single day. This year the annual date for the recording was 11-11-11. People all around the globe were encouraged to record videos and upload them on their websites. Students in our school got these videos as class assignments, we were supposed to make video for the one day community and upload them. However, in our Advanced Technology class we had more choice, we could either upload our videos on the one day website, or put them on YouTube. I decided to put it on YouTube as I thought my video didn’t match many of the requirements that a one day video must have. The link below shows my video that I made on Tabaski.


This link “Big 6 Skills and Steps” leads to a plan the students made that would help them organize the information in their videos better.