Topic: Adobe After Effects and 3DS Max

I have interest in computer graphics and specifically in one program that helps me feed on that interest of mine, After Effects. After Effects is a great compositing software, and is used by many people both for fun and professionally to make visual effects and composting in movies. I have been learning After Effects since I was in 7th grade. I like to make videos using After Effects that contain some sort of effect in it. The best way for me to learn any new software is to use it in a school project, as during the process many difficulties rise up that I do not know how to solve. That makes me learn new things about the software.

3D Studio Maximum, 3DS Max, is a 3d program that is very interesting to learn as well. I am planning to use it for creating some 3D models like rockets, or devices charging beams, or science labs and models like that. 3DS Max will fill out those hole in my video that After Effects isn’t capable of filling yet.

I think that I can use After Effects and 3DS Max to show how their is research going on all around the world to test the limits of the speed of light. Scientists are trying to figure out something even faster than the speed of light and i think that it would be a really interesting topic to make a video on.

Big question: How can After Effects and 3DS Max be used in Physics B to show how the speed of light is thought of being broken?

– Why use After Effects and 3DS Max to present this?

– How to make the universe?

– How to make an Earth?

– How to make object that will look like light particles?

– How can I relate this video to my Physics unit of inquiry?

– How to find the information fro my project?

– How can this help have a better understanding to students?

– How will I engage the students?