Going through all the 5 steps for this project wasn’t very easy. It was very confusing at a lot of times. However, by the time everything was finished, all that work seemed to look less complicated. Although it was hard to accomplished I was quite happy with how my video turned out to be. During Step 1, we had to write a little bit about in what class are we going to use this video of ours. We also had to write some questions that we would find the answers of during the entire project duration. This step was helpful to me in organizing my weaknesses and strong areas regarding the topic I was researching. In Step 2, we would give source, human or virtual, to whom we could refer to for information on our topic. This step helped in organizing my sources, it also gave me an idea of whom to go to when confused. In Step 3, we had to list myriad URL’s or interviews from which I got my information from. The links helped me just as a guiding. This step was just for students to list mostly all the sites from where they are getting their info from. In Step 4, we had to pick some specific URL’s form step 3 that we actually used much more intensely compared to the other links. This step mostly acted like a work cited page for me. Also, it was a good place to keep my important links in so that I can go back to them if I needed to have another look. For Step 5, we had to take all the steps we have done so far including our finished final video and post them on our website. We also had to post a link to our website on Moodle. We also had to write a small outline script of how we are planning to give our presentation. This step was helpful to me as it helped to plan for my presentation beforehand. Before giving my presentation I showed my video to some of the people in my group for feedback, they gave me some suggestions on how I could better portray a scene in my video. After their suggestion,  re-edit some parts of my video and compared them to the original one. The new did look better. I use technology in mostly all my classes, either for projects or for taking notes. I think I did good in trying to use technology in mostly all of my classes. The video that I made explains a topic of Physics. If I show that video of mine, while narrating to my Physics class, I think they would understand the concept much better compared to hoe much they would understand If I just talk about without any visual. I think that I did achieve my goal in using technology in other classes of mine. Although, my technology did not help enhance my school or society but I think it did help in adding a new angle to how people look at their everyday stuff. As all the students of our Advanced Technology class has proved in their presentation, technology is a tool so powerful that it could completely revolutionize a society if used in the proper way. “My technology” helped in getting a better understanding on a topic of Physics. It didn’t enhance the society in many useful ways, but it helped me, my friends and  my peers get a better understanding of Physics.