I have an interest in computers and softwares. I have always wanted to know how computer programming, C++ in specific, works. I think that knowing how to make a software would be very useful for me, as I plan on going in a heavy technology based career. Also it interests me a lot. Knowing how to make programs can be very convenient, as I would be able to design a program to my need if I really need to, instead of going out and buying one. Also if I plan on going in a career that includes VFX, knowing computer programming would be very helpful.


Big Question: How can I use C++ programming to help me in AP Psychology?


Sub Questions:

– What is C++?

– Where/Why is it used?

– Why do I want to learn it?

– How can I use to teach me about AP Psychology?

– What software to use to do C++?

– What software to use to make the IPod interface?

– How can I use C++ to program an Iphone app?