My Google key terms for C++ tutorials:


– Learn C++

– C++ tutorials for beginners

– C++ programming course


My Google key terms for Iphone app tutorials:


– Iphone app for windows

– How to make Iphone app in windows 7

– Iphone app in flash professional CS5

– Xcode tutorials


Mandeep Singh – personal interview

“It would be really useful to learn C++ as it is a very useful tool nowadays if you are interested in computer programming. It can be used to for making programs, coding apps, and when learned, can be a great advantage if you want to learn a new computer language”



The text based tutorials and notes on this website, talk about what certain functions mean and when used. It is very useful for beginners as you understand the meaning of many commands.



This video tutorial talks about how Adobe Flash can also be used to make an Ipod/Iphone app. It is useful for me as I don’t always have a Mac in my possession.


This website has online flash cards from Barron’s AP Psychology book. It is useful for me as it is a great source for getting information about AP Psychology online.


C++ Programming for dummies – EBook

I downloaded an EBook from the internet that has basic to intermediate knowledge on C++ programming. It is useful for me because as it is a downloaded reading material I don’t have to rely on internet connectivity. I can open it anytime I want and learn from the basic stuff to the intermediate level.



This is one of the many C++ video tutorials a channel on YouTube called “reconnetworks” has uploaded. They are really helpful as I get to see how he actually works with his coding and how do they actually turn out when he tests it.


This video tutorial teaches how to make the swipe motion on Iphone apps using Flash CS5. It helps me because in order to put enough information on one screen, I would have to put a swipe motion so that people can scroll down for more information.