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1)      a) I plan to apply in the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California for a MFA degree in visual effects and animation.

2)      I chose this job because that is what has always interested me. I have grown up watching sci-fi visual effects packed movies and I now I want to make the computerized special effects for those movies. This job requires a lot of patience and creativity from the makers side. You need to be good with computers and should know how to integrate real life images or footages with CG objects. I think what qualifies me to get a scholarship is that I have a lot of experience with creating movies and/or small videos with a lot of vfx in them. I, with a peer, created a vfx club in our school where we teach students how to add special effects in their videos. I might not have the best grades, but I think I have good enough grades and experiences to at least qualify for a scholarship.

3)      The programs that I have been exposed to in Mr. Zane’s technology class are:

I. WordPress: It is online program that allows you to create your own blog. Students in this class created their own blogs and kept updating them throughout the year with the contents of what we did in our class.

II. Jing: It is a screen capturing software. It allows you to take screen shots, make average quality on-screen videos, and upload them on an online database. We used Jing for taking snapshots of the things we would later use as evidence for our projects in the class.

III. Diigo: It is an online bookmarking program. Unlike the usual browser bookmarking system, using Diigo you can access your bookmarks, highlights, or notes from any computer around the world.

IV. Google Docs: Google docs is a very fast growing collaborating online “Microsoft Office” system. We used Google docs all year long in our technology class. It is a very useful and excellent way for collaborating with your peers. I personally have enjoyed Google docs the most out of all the things we have learned in this class.

V. Prezi: It is on online system that allows students to make interactive presentations, unlike PowerPoint. We have used Prezi in all of our presentation.

4)      Advanced Technology has allowed me to use/apply technology in all of my classes. It has showed me that I can use technology to understand/teach a certain concepts from other subjects. I can use technology not only to go on Facebook or play games, but also for spreading a word around, researching about useful topics, having an online education. For example, in one of our projects I made an Iphone app that would help students in studying for their AP Human Geography exams. Students can use technology to download the app and learn about some important geographers. This is also an convenient source because they can just use their Ipod to learn.

5)      When I started this class I thought that advanced technology will only be computer programming, learning cool softwares, and making java games. However, throughout the year I have learned that advanced technology is learning the kind of technology skills that stay uniform throughout your life, like research skills. Also to learn the proper technology skills that could help you contribute to the issues going around globally or even in your school.

6)      Using Technology to contribute to the people around me, and using effectively applying it wherever beneficially possible.

7)      I have used tools like Google Docs to collaborate with my peers in various projects in and outside of class. I have used my research skills to look up convenient and easy solutions for my problems online to solve them.

8)      The 4 C’s of 21st century skills are:

I.          Creativity: I have sued creativity in designing my projects and presentations throughout the year.

II.          Critical Thinking: I have sued critical thinking as an required and beneficial step for every project we have done this year. It included things like citing our sources and brainstorms.

III.          Communication: I have communicated with me peers, friends and some teachers to get information for some of my presentations.

IV.          Collaboration: I have collaborated with my partners during group projects in the class.


Stan Winston – Award Winning VFX Artist of the Terminator

10)   I have used my technology skills to accomplish my goals in other classes or things outside of class, for example Google Docs. I have used Google docs in all of my classes, to write notes, for essays, presentations, I even used it to plan a movie me and my peer made. It is very useful as it keeps everything safe and at a secure place.

11)   I have used Advanced Technology to create an Iphone app that could helps students with their AP Human Geography class. This way students can download the app and learn about geographers whenever they want.  The evidence of this is posted on my Blog.

12)   Some of the important skills that I have learned in Advanced Technology are brainstorming, making outlines of your presentations beforehand so that it’s easy for you while you are presenting, organizing all your work at a place that is both convenient and safe so that you can access all your work wherever and whenever you like. For example for a project my friend and I were doing we stored all of our talks, notes, ideas, scripts everything on Google docs. That way we were able to access them from any computer we wanted to, we weren’t bound to bring a special PC to school just for one project.

13)   I think I should be awarded this position/job as I have had more experience in this field over my peers, I have a lot of practice in various softwares related to VFX on a PC, I am aware of the 21st century technology skills, and  I, along with a peer, started a VFX club after school where we taught students how t add special effects in movies.

14)   My mentor in this class was Mr. Zane Dicky. He continuously engages with me and tries to help me to get to a higher standard level of technological usage. He tries to motivate me and guide me towards accomplishing my projects.

15)   Upon joining and entering Advanced Technology, honestly speaking, my goal was to learn some new softwares, do some computer programming, and code some java games.

16)   When we started the courses of this class, I realized it won’t be anything like what I thought it will be before. After an yearlong of following that course I have developed new goals like learning useful technological skills that would help me to contribute to the world, learning about new ways of collaborating with peers, and developing efficient research and presentation skills.

17)   Google Docs was the  most useful tool we learned in Advanced Technology and I think this is the tool that will help me a lot throughout my education.

18)   My main motivation was to being able to present my topic in a nicely organized, yet still entertaining way. Also getting the chance to self-learn a new software was also very motivating.

19)   If I could transport one thing from this class I would transport the concept of letting students pick their own software to self-learn and then research and present to the entire class.

20)   To actually find out what to are the people who make VFX in movies called, I used to look at the end credits of every movie hoping I would find the official name of the job. When I finally did, I researched about it online and found what other kinds of jobs are their related to VFX. There are several kinds of positions on which a person can be ig he/she is making vfx for a movie. I also asked a few questions from a person who has actually effect for bog Hollywood movies about what is the job called? How does it work? What are the requirements for this kind of a job?

21)   I am very proud of the Iphone app I made in Advanced Technology. It was a thing I have been wanting to do for a very long time, but couldn’t find a proper reason to do it. Having my AP exams nearby and time in Advanced Technology, I made an Iphone app that could help me in AP Human Geography. I have all the evidence that I made the app and snapshots of the final product on my blog.




Flash CS5.5- IOS Multitouch – Swipe – Setup. Dir. IBrent. YouTube. IBrent, 23 May 2011. Web. 10 May 2012. <;.



How to Make an Iphone App on Windows [Flash Cs5]. Dir. AustinMooreTV. YouTube. AustinMooreTV, 19 Dec. 2010. Web. 10 May 2012. <;.

As I don’t have a Mac, the link above shows me how to use Adobe Flash CS5 to make an Iphone app.




Mandeep Singh – Personal interview – April 19, 2012
“It would be really useful to learn C++ as it is a very useful tool nowadays if you are interested in computer programming. It can be used to for making programs, coding apps, and when learned, can be a great advantage if you want to learn a new computer language”

As he learned C++ this academic year, he would be able to help me if I get stuck at some point.




“Quizlet.” AP Psychology 500 Flashcard Set from Barron’s Flashcards. Quizlet. Web. 10 May 2012. <;.


The link above allows me to verify the information I had prepared for AP Human Geography Exam.


– Paul Vidal de la Blache – introduced the contemporary culture landscape, sometimes called the regional studies approach; “Among the connections that tie people to a certain environment, one of the most tenacious is food supply; clothing and weapons are more subject to modification than the dietary regime, which experience has shown to be best suited to human needs in a given climate.”
– Ernest W. Burgess – a sociologist at the University of Chicago, developed the concentric-zone model in 1925 with five zones; a city grows outward from a central area in a series of concentric rings, like the growth rings of a tree.
– Walter Christaller – German geographer who in the early 1930s first formulated central-place theory as a series of models designed to explain the spatial distribution of urban centers. Crucial to his theory is the fact that different goods and services vary both in threshold and in range.
– Eratosthenes – coined the name geography: geo meaning “the earth” and graphein meaning “to write.” He is noted for devising a system of latitude and longitude, and for being the first known to have calculated the size of the Earth within a remarkable 0.5 percent accuracy. He prepared one of the earliest maps of the known world.
– Homer Hoyt – an economist who studied housing data for 142 American cities, presented his sector model of urban land use in 1939. he maintained that high-rent residential districts were instrumental in shaping the land-use structure of the city. Because these areas were reinforced by transportation routes, the pattern of their development was one of sectors or wedges, not concentric zones.
– Ellsworth Huntington – one of the best known U.S. proponents of Ratzel’s ideas; argued that climate was a major determinant of civilization; according to him climate of maritime northwestern Europe produced greater human efficiency as measured by better health conditions, lower death rates, and higher standards of living.
– Halford John Mackinder – proposed the heartland theory in the early twentieth century based on environmental determinism, the heartland theory addresses the balance of power in the world and, in particular, the possibility of world conquest based on natural habitat advantage. It held that the Eurasian continent was the most likely base from which to launch a successful campaign for world conquest.
– Thomas Robert Malthus – English economist and cleric was the most famous pioneer observer of population growth with the publishing in 1798 of An Essay on the Principle of Population, known as the “dismal essay.” He believed that the human ability to multiply far exceeds our ability to increase food production. He maintained that “a strong and constantly operating check on population” will necessarily act as a natural control on numbers. He regarded famine, disease, and war as the inevitable outcome of the human population’s outstripping the food supply.
– George Perkins Marsh – in 1864 he wrote a treatise entitled Man and Nature, or Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action. As the first work to suggest that human beings are significant agents of environmental change, it is considered one of the most important advances in geography, ecology, and resource management in the nineteenth century; major influence on U.S. environmentalism.
– Ptolemy – main work is his Geographia. This too is a compilation of what was known about the world’s geography in the Roman Empire during his time; devised and provided instructions on how to create maps both of the whole inhabited world and of the Roman provinces.
– Friedrich Ratzel – a German trained in Biology and Chemistry who originated geopolitical theory in the late 1800’s; greatly influenced by the theories of social Darwinism. He stated seven laws of state growth; the model portrays the state as behaving like a biological organism; thus, its growth and change are seen as “natural” and inevitable; pioneered the belief of environmental determinism.
– Carl Ritter – he is considered one of the founders of modern geography; In his view, “geography was a kind of physiology and comparative anatomy of the earth: rivers, mountains, glaciers, &c., were so many distinct organs, each with its own appropriate functions; and, as his physical frame is the basis of the man, determinative to a large extent of his life, so the structure of each country is a leading element in the historic progress of the nation;” His 20-volumne Erdkunde was a monumental work of comparison and classification; He and von Humboldt urged human geographers to adopt the methods of scientific inquiry used by natural scientists.
W. W. Rostow – in 1960 proposed a widely cited model for economic advancement. Generalizing on the “sweep of modern history,” he theorized that alldeveloping economies may pass through five successive stages of growth and advancement.
– Carl Sauer – conducted pioneering research on the origins and dispersal of plant and animal domestication, was one of the first to propose that the process of domestication was independently invented at many different times and locations. He believed that domestication did not develop in response to hunger. He maintained that necessity was not the mother of agricultural invention, because starving people must spend every waking hour searching for food and have no time to devote to the centuries of leisurely experimentation required to domesticate plants.
– Johann Heinrich von Thunen – German scholar-farmer who developed the core-periphery model in the nineteenth century (economic determinism). In his model he proposed an “isolated state” that had no trade connections with the outside world; possessed only one market, located centrally in the state; and had uniform soil, climate, and level terrain throughout. He created this model to study the influence of distance from market and the concurrent transport costs on the type and intensity of agriculture.


– Alfred Weber – German geographer who was a major theorist of industrial location. He devised a model of how to understand industrial locations in regard to several factors, including labor supply, markets, resource location, and transpiration.




“Structure of a Program C++.” C++ Documentation. Cplusplus. Web. 1 May 2012. <;.

This website has provided me with detailed information on the basic of C++ programming. Information on variables and other components is a part of it.





Flash CS5.5- IOS Multitouch – Swipe – Setup. Dir. IBrent. YouTube. IBrent, 23 May 2011. Web. 10 May 2012. <;.

How to Make an Iphone App on Windows [Flash Cs5]. Dir. AustinMooreTV. YouTube. AustinMooreTV, 19 Dec. 2010. Web. 10 May 2012. <;.

Mandeep Singh – Personal interview – April 19, 2012
“It would be really useful to learn C++ as it is a very useful tool nowadays if you are interested in computer programming. It can be used to for making programs, coding apps, and when learned, can be a great advantage if you want to learn a new computer language”

“Quizlet.” AP Psychology 500 Flashcard Set from Barron’s Flashcards. Quizlet. Web. 10 May 2012. <;.

“Structure of a Program C++.” C++ Documentation. Cplusplus. Web. 1 May 2012. <;.


My Google key terms for C++ tutorials:


– Learn C++

– C++ tutorials for beginners

– C++ programming course


My Google key terms for Iphone app tutorials:


– Iphone app for windows

– How to make Iphone app in windows 7

– Iphone app in flash professional CS5

– Xcode tutorials


Mandeep Singh – personal interview

“It would be really useful to learn C++ as it is a very useful tool nowadays if you are interested in computer programming. It can be used to for making programs, coding apps, and when learned, can be a great advantage if you want to learn a new computer language”



The text based tutorials and notes on this website, talk about what certain functions mean and when used. It is very useful for beginners as you understand the meaning of many commands.



This video tutorial talks about how Adobe Flash can also be used to make an Ipod/Iphone app. It is useful for me as I don’t always have a Mac in my possession.


This website has online flash cards from Barron’s AP Psychology book. It is useful for me as it is a great source for getting information about AP Psychology online.


C++ Programming for dummies – EBook

I downloaded an EBook from the internet that has basic to intermediate knowledge on C++ programming. It is useful for me because as it is a downloaded reading material I don’t have to rely on internet connectivity. I can open it anytime I want and learn from the basic stuff to the intermediate level.



This is one of the many C++ video tutorials a channel on YouTube called “reconnetworks” has uploaded. They are really helpful as I get to see how he actually works with his coding and how do they actually turn out when he tests it.


This video tutorial teaches how to make the swipe motion on Iphone apps using Flash CS5. It helps me because in order to put enough information on one screen, I would have to put a swipe motion so that people can scroll down for more information.

People I can refer to for C++ programming:


1)     Mr. Shelby Bryant

2)     Sang Hun Shin

3)     Mandeep Singh


People I can refer to for the making of an Iphone app:


1)     Omar Sow

2)     Ryan Hope


People I can refer to for getting info for AP Psychology:


1)     Mr. Sam Pennypacker

2)     All the AP Psychology Students


People I can refer to for advice for computer programming/techniques/softwres:


1)     Mr. Shelby Bryant

2)     Sang Hun Shin

3)     Mandeep Singh


Websites/URL’s I can refer to learn C++:







I have an interest in computers and softwares. I have always wanted to know how computer programming, C++ in specific, works. I think that knowing how to make a software would be very useful for me, as I plan on going in a heavy technology based career. Also it interests me a lot. Knowing how to make programs can be very convenient, as I would be able to design a program to my need if I really need to, instead of going out and buying one. Also if I plan on going in a career that includes VFX, knowing computer programming would be very helpful.


Big Question: How can I use C++ programming to help me in AP Psychology?


Sub Questions:

– What is C++?

– Where/Why is it used?

– Why do I want to learn it?

– How can I use to teach me about AP Psychology?

– What software to use to do C++?

– What software to use to make the IPod interface?

– How can I use C++ to program an Iphone app?

Hey guys,

A prezi made for Adobe After Effects, I will be narrating it while showing it so it won’t make sense when you just watch the Prezi. But, you can just watch it for fun.


One Day On Earth

As many of us might know already One Dy on Earth is an organization that record, and influence other to do so too, various activities that occur around the globe on one single day, and post them on their website These videos are marvelous to see, and hard to believe as it has so much going on in it in one single day. This year the annual date for the recording was 11-11-11. People all around the globe were encouraged to record videos and upload them on their websites. Students in our school got these videos as class assignments, we were supposed to make video for the one day community and upload them. However, in our Advanced Technology class we had more choice, we could either upload our videos on the one day website, or put them on YouTube. I decided to put it on YouTube as I thought my video didn’t match many of the requirements that a one day video must have. The link below shows my video that I made on Tabaski.


This link “Big 6 Skills and Steps” leads to a plan the students made that would help them organize the information in their videos better.

Basic Knowledge People

Basically this entire website is a a created Advanced Technology. Sweet, right!

Pulkit Sharma

Mr. Brad Philen

World Literature

September 19, 2011

Chapter 7 – Paragraph 11

            “Instead,” Achilles continued, “Summon all your courage, strength, and skill as a spearman, for you are about to die. You can no longer escape your fate, for by my spear Athena, bright-eyed daughter of Zeus, will take your life. Now you will pay for all the sorrow you brought to me by slaying good Patroclus with your bronze-tipped spear. Now you will die and you soul will roam in the kingdom of Hades where all men will look at you and say, “look that’s Hector, the fool who thought he could kill Achilles.”

With these words Achilles raised his spear and threw it at Hector. Being an experienced warrior, Hector judged the Spear’s path and dodged it’s the wrath it contained in it. However, unaware was Hector that behind his back Athena picked up the spear and returned it back to Achilles, giving Hector and unfair chance to fight.

As Hector prepared to hurl his spear inside Achilles’ chest, he proudly announced “You missed me Achilles! Now try dodging this spear that contains all the sorrow and anger you have brought to me and my people! This is for Troy!” Saying that Hector hurled the spear towards Achilles like a mad bull runs behind his prey, rage fully, and hunger for blood. Although Hector’s spear did hit Achilles’ shield as he had planned, it bounced off and fell out of Hector’s reach. Unarmed he asked his brother for another spear, but his brother was no longer there.

Shocked and confused Hector looked into Achilles’ eyes with fear, and saw unlimited rage. It was then that Hector understood that the God’s have betrayed him, and made a fool out of him. Confused, and scared he looked up at the blue, limitless sky and shouted “I see my death waiting for me on the other side of the walls of Troy. I accept the fate that have been decided for me the immortal gods themselves. However, I do wish for one thing, let me die, but let die fighting” he drew his great sword out of his side, “Let me die with honour!”, while still shouting out these lines ,Hector rushed towards Achilles for his final battle.

Just before reaching within the range of Achilles, Hector took off from the ground and tried assaulting Achilles with the element of surprise, by crashing his sword on him. Achilles met Hectors blow with anger, and blocked it with his sword right before Hector could touch him. Surprised, Hector got free from his black and tried plunging his sword inside Achilles’ heart. However, Achilles’ being a experienced and a legendary warrior, foresaw his move and executed a counter measure. Achilles used the end of his spear to quickly trip Hector onto the ground, and he drove the tip of his spear through Hector’s leg into the ground of Troy, leaving Hector in extreme pain, and unable to move.

“This is the end Hector, now. This is how it was meant to end. This is how Hector was supposed to die by the hands of the great Achilles.” before Achilles could plunge his inside Hector’s body, Hector murmured his last words “I plead you Achilles, son of Athena, after you have sent mu soul to the kingdom of Hades, return my breathless body to my people. Do not take me to your hollow ships to be ravished by the Greek soldiers, or to be eaten by dogs. Give my body the honour it deserves, the honour every prince deserves, the honour us Trojans gave to your friend Patroclus…” Even before Hector finished what he was trying to say, Achilles jumped in the air and shoved his sword inside Hector’s through with both anger and sorrow, and silenced the prince of Troy forever.