Pulkit Sharma

Mr. Brad Philen

World Literature

September 19, 2011

Chapter 7 – Paragraph 11

            “Instead,” Achilles continued, “Summon all your courage, strength, and skill as a spearman, for you are about to die. You can no longer escape your fate, for by my spear Athena, bright-eyed daughter of Zeus, will take your life. Now you will pay for all the sorrow you brought to me by slaying good Patroclus with your bronze-tipped spear. Now you will die and you soul will roam in the kingdom of Hades where all men will look at you and say, “look that’s Hector, the fool who thought he could kill Achilles.”

With these words Achilles raised his spear and threw it at Hector. Being an experienced warrior, Hector judged the Spear’s path and dodged it’s the wrath it contained in it. However, unaware was Hector that behind his back Athena picked up the spear and returned it back to Achilles, giving Hector and unfair chance to fight.

As Hector prepared to hurl his spear inside Achilles’ chest, he proudly announced “You missed me Achilles! Now try dodging this spear that contains all the sorrow and anger you have brought to me and my people! This is for Troy!” Saying that Hector hurled the spear towards Achilles like a mad bull runs behind his prey, rage fully, and hunger for blood. Although Hector’s spear did hit Achilles’ shield as he had planned, it bounced off and fell out of Hector’s reach. Unarmed he asked his brother for another spear, but his brother was no longer there.

Shocked and confused Hector looked into Achilles’ eyes with fear, and saw unlimited rage. It was then that Hector understood that the God’s have betrayed him, and made a fool out of him. Confused, and scared he looked up at the blue, limitless sky and shouted “I see my death waiting for me on the other side of the walls of Troy. I accept the fate that have been decided for me the immortal gods themselves. However, I do wish for one thing, let me die, but let die fighting” he drew his great sword out of his side, “Let me die with honour!”, while still shouting out these lines ,Hector rushed towards Achilles for his final battle.

Just before reaching within the range of Achilles, Hector took off from the ground and tried assaulting Achilles with the element of surprise, by crashing his sword on him. Achilles met Hectors blow with anger, and blocked it with his sword right before Hector could touch him. Surprised, Hector got free from his black and tried plunging his sword inside Achilles’ heart. However, Achilles’ being a experienced and a legendary warrior, foresaw his move and executed a counter measure. Achilles used the end of his spear to quickly trip Hector onto the ground, and he drove the tip of his spear through Hector’s leg into the ground of Troy, leaving Hector in extreme pain, and unable to move.

“This is the end Hector, now. This is how it was meant to end. This is how Hector was supposed to die by the hands of the great Achilles.” before Achilles could plunge his inside Hector’s body, Hector murmured his last words “I plead you Achilles, son of Athena, after you have sent mu soul to the kingdom of Hades, return my breathless body to my people. Do not take me to your hollow ships to be ravished by the Greek soldiers, or to be eaten by dogs. Give my body the honour it deserves, the honour every prince deserves, the honour us Trojans gave to your friend Patroclus…” Even before Hector finished what he was trying to say, Achilles jumped in the air and shoved his sword inside Hector’s through with both anger and sorrow, and silenced the prince of Troy forever.