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The Dawn of The Jing

Jing strikes again:

Jing is a screen recording software, it is also capable f taking snapshots. I used Jing to record my Hero project. Although the time limit restricted me in some sorts, it was challenging for me to compress my presentation to the time limit. Instead of using programs like Prezzie, or power point, I just used Fire Fox. I opened up all the things that I wanted to say, and organized them accordingly in different tabs. I think i did a fare job in introducing my hero’s achievements to the world. I explained his acts to the people just the way I wanted to. However, I think that I could have improved my oral skills by not stammering al the time, by being more confident while speaking, and by using a better quality of vocabulary.

All in all I think I did a fair job with my Jing project.


Google Docs is an amazing tool fro collaborative work. It allows people to share ideas very easily. These are the things that I already knew about Google Docs, but after reading this article my respect and excitement level for using Google docs sky highed. MIT is a very respectful university for technology. They are best known for their technological skills. Looking at the MIT teachers  using a tool like Google Docs is a real inspiration for naive users to really look into this this tool. Also it a really useful tool to be used in schools for students to share their ideas more clearly.

Hearing about teenage suicides due to bullying isn’t something very new to is, but the fact that the bullying was a cyber bullying shocked me. Looking at a person ending his life, just because of being bullied by people he might not even know at all really brought my spirit down. Also the fact that really made me angry is that when that boy asked help from other people to confront those bullies with him, no one care to help him. People didn’t want to get their had dirty while helping some kid face bullies. The author of the article “ganging up on cyber bullying” really looks into this cyber bullying matter seriously. This is not the first time someone has committed suicide due to cyber bullying. He, his friend, and his teacher put in a lot of efforts to increase the awareness of  this topic. They were even invited to the White House to participate in a national summit regarding bullying topics. The efforts produced by the author to increase the awareness of this topic.

Hero Project – Jing

Hello everyone,

Below is my Jing video that represents hy Hero, Upinder Randhawa. It talks about his life, how an event made him the “Birmingham Riot Hero”, and the heroes of many people like me.

Upinder Randhawa


Mind Maps

I made 2 mind maps. One using Google drawings and another using Inspiration 9.

Google Drawing:

Inspiration 9:

I hope this gives people a idea of who my hero is.

This is my wordle result on my hero Upinder Randhawa.

Description of Upinder Randhawa

“… for their worldwide work to protect the livelihoods and rights of farming communities and to expose the massive purchases of farmland in developing countries by foreign financial interests.”
GRAIN is an international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems.  Their efforts for the well-being of the farmers, their farmland, and their rights is very inspiring. I wish the all the bets.

I think that this is very good idea as it will allow normal students around the world wishing to help someone, to do something while not having to move to other places to contribute physically. Through this, students or other individuals who are interested, will be able to collect  media, such as photos, videos, interviews etc. and will still contribute to the world’s problems.

Wordle: My Just Hero

I will use Wordle in my projects that include creativity. This is very useful for my hero project as I will be able to to convey my main points using just an image scrambled with words. The words that I will use the most will for sure  be the most detailed traits about my hero, or will say about what my hero has done for the community. Using this, maybe the readers, if they have  a lot of choice to pick from, would get a quick and clear idea of what I am talking about looking at my main, bulletin points, oversize words. Wordle could help me get my hero more readers, and will give a quick summary of my detailed report of my project.

I used to preffer Google Chrome above all. However, something went wrong with my browser and I switchd to FireFox 7. Frankly speaking, I now preffer FirFox over Google Chrome. It is really organized, and well placed. The New firfox 7 has better quality, graphocs, download abiliities, memory, and animations. The creators made sure that they place new games in the deal so that it attarcts some game crazy youth towards FireFox.