A new kind of revolution is taking place in the 21st century, the gaming revolution. One great example of representing that revolution is “Foldit”. A revolutionary game that allows people with absolutely no background of biology or science and still be able to manipulate the structures of molecules. With the help of these game, in the next 10 days, scientists who are connected to this idea will be able to do what the scientists have not been able to do for decades from today, and that is to decipher the structure of a protein that could help the scientists to halter the results of HIV, which as we know is a very high growing threat to this world.

This is simply amazing to me as I would have never thought that a gaming technique could actually somehow help the world in a real manner. In this case HIV. It is an eye opener to see that games aren’t only meant for fun but also for helping the community more practically. If you are interested in “Foldit” read more about it here.