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Step 3

This Wikipedia link just gives me the basic, or detailed, information that I should know about light before trying to make a video on how to surpass it. It has some general information that could be useful while making the video.

This article talks about how the scientists can say that speed of light can be broken, after testing and getting the results of neutrino experiment. This gives the information that I could make in After Effects to show my point.

This YouTube video is a recoded from the History channel and contains some valuable information about how the speed of light is intended to be broken, or bend. People in this video also talk about star travel being possible by creating some sort of whole in the universe using some highly advanced the, and powerful machines.

This video show why Scientists at CERN think that the speed of light can be surpassed Also this video has some interesting effects that give me ideas of what to use when making my video on this topic. This video also some useful information

This video is uploaded on an website that provides free tutorials for After Effects. This URL is a link to one of their famous tutorials in which one learns on how to make a 3D Earth in After effects. As I need to make the universe for my video, knowing how to make an Earth would be very useful.


Turbo Squid

A website that provides a wide range of 3D models for various software. or some models it costs you for some it doesn’t.  I used this website to get my space ship model.


It would be really exciting to see mankind make warm holes to travel through galaxies. However, before doing something like that we would also have to make sure if it’s safe for the people. I mean what guarantees that of a person goes through the worm hole he won’t be deformed.



I Guess This is a Test

Yo people and students, and friends, and teachers, and everyone else out there. This is my first blog of many more to come. So thank you for reading this if you are…..namaste.