Pulkit Sharma

Zane Dicky

September 9, 2011

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology: Question/Answers

1. What is Advanced Technology?

Advanced Technology is the study of technological programs in depth and in an improved manner.

2. What are the basic 21st century skills that you think a student should be taught in schools?

The 21st century’s learning skills that I feel should be taught in schools and in this class is about motion graphics. As it is about what I feel, I think that portions of motion graphics such as: visual affect, 3D modelling, and some other things like team work, creativity, and communication between students. According to various articles on motion graphics, people interested in this career should have a lot of practice before getting into the career. Things like team work, and communication are very essential nowadays in any career line you pick. No tasks are accomplished solo, you always work with a big or small team. To work well among people, you need to know how to do team work, and how to communicate between people. This especially is very important for a career in visual effects. I personally have my own YouTube channel that demonstrates my interest in motion graphics. I think it would be a really good subject to tech in school as it will improve the student’s interest in visual effects.

3. What are your personal goals for this class? 

To improve in technology and learn something really new, to create something useful or something common that I have just been using but never created it.

4. What specifically do you want to learn and accomplish in this course?

I personally would want to learn some sort of motion graphics and/or video editing techniques. That is just me.

5. What other technology courses have you taken?

I have never taken any technology courses officially. However, since 8th grade I have been self tutoring myself in the field of motion graphics by using the websites mentioned in answers 2.

6. Why did you choose this elective class?

I am passionate about technology and I wanted to learn about it more and more in depth. I want to create something in it


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