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My target audience is mostly upcoming animators. As I want them to have a source for their training in visual effects. There are many other websites out there, especially YouTube, but I would still like to contribute to that and make a website that would help the animators. Another target audience of mine that matters a lot too is the people who I would talk to when I apply to my college or for a job. Having a useful website with tons of motion graphics filled into it should definitely, from my point of view be a plus point for either of those two. It would represent a solid presentation of my skills.


I am just a normal high scholar who enjoys creating motion graphics. I don’t have a specific perspective, such as an official animator, or a movie critic, or a talent hunter. I am just a normal student who wants to share his knowledge to the world. I want this website to be a source for all the upcoming and experienced animators for improving their animation skills. I also want this website to be as a portfolio addition for either my college application, or my job.

Out of all the criteria’s motion graphics hold inside it, I am personally more interested in 3D modeling and visual effects. Although many people confuse visual effects to be the whole motion graphics thing, it is not. It is a particular area of focus that mostly includes use of 2D programs such as nuke factory, or Adobe After effects. I personally enjoy these two, as they allow me to bring my imagination into the digital world.

My goal is to share my passion of creating motion graphics with other people in an educational manner. For example, I would like to record some tutorials regarding motion graphics and post them on my website and make it a useful website for learning animators. Motion graphics are an amazing part of the technology present today. You can see them everywhere, in movies, in video games, in TV commercials and more. My goal is to share my level of motion graphics to other experienced and/or inexperienced people, either in the form of presentation or education, and learn something from their perspective. I also want to create a website totally dedicated to motion graphics so that when I apply to college, or a job in a motion graphics area I would have an a solid object to present in my portfolio.