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Free Coaching Websites

When I started with my VFX interest I had a hard time LEARNING something from normal websites like YouTube. I found my how to make col effects but couldn’t really understand the soncept behind the. I was memorizing the techniques and not learning them to use and/or manipulate them to create new self made effects. By going to the following websites people can learn stuff.

Video Copilot


New Boston


Bulls Eye

A small video I made for practicing my muzzle flash techniques. It includes a “Bulls Eye” prop that was completely generated in Adobe After Effects using only the masking techniques. Have a look and post you response if you’d like to…

Bulls Eye

Object Disintegration

Disintegration effect made in 3DS Studio Max using the PF Source. First attempt.


Priori Incantatem

You all know Harry Potter. This is one of the famous spells of Harry Potter, Priori Incantatem. When I made this effect i had just seen the Order of the Phoenix, again. In the end there is one part when Dumbledore and Voldemort are in somewhat of a combat situation and that is the spell that they use to fight each other. I got inspired by the looks and power of the spell and decided to try and make my own. Have a look…

Priori Incantatem