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Step 3

This Wikipedia link just gives me the basic, or detailed, information that I should know about light before trying to make a video on how to surpass it. It has some general information that could be useful while making the video.

This article talks about how the scientists can say that speed of light can be broken, after testing and getting the results of neutrino experiment. This gives the information that I could make in After Effects to show my point.

This YouTube video is a recoded from the History channel and contains some valuable information about how the speed of light is intended to be broken, or bend. People in this video also talk about star travel being possible by creating some sort of whole in the universe using some highly advanced the, and powerful machines.

This video show why Scientists at CERN think that the speed of light can be surpassed Also this video has some interesting effects that give me ideas of what to use when making my video on this topic. This video also some useful information

This video is uploaded on an website that provides free tutorials for After Effects. This URL is a link to one of their famous tutorials in which one learns on how to make a 3D Earth in After effects. As I need to make the universe for my video, knowing how to make an Earth would be very useful.


Turbo Squid

A website that provides a wide range of 3D models for various software. or some models it costs you for some it doesn’t.  I used this website to get my space ship model.


It would be really exciting to see mankind make warm holes to travel through galaxies. However, before doing something like that we would also have to make sure if it’s safe for the people. I mean what guarantees that of a person goes through the worm hole he won’t be deformed.


Step 2

People I can refer to for After Effects:

– San Hun Shin
– Mr. Suleiman

People I can refer to for information/suggestion on my Topic:

– Mrs. Kumar

Websites/URL’s I can refer to for After Effects:


Step 1

Topic: Adobe After Effects and 3DS Max

I have interest in computer graphics and specifically in one program that helps me feed on that interest of mine, After Effects. After Effects is a great compositing software, and is used by many people both for fun and professionally to make visual effects and composting in movies. I have been learning After Effects since I was in 7th grade. I like to make videos using After Effects that contain some sort of effect in it. The best way for me to learn any new software is to use it in a school project, as during the process many difficulties rise up that I do not know how to solve. That makes me learn new things about the software.

3D Studio Maximum, 3DS Max, is a 3d program that is very interesting to learn as well. I am planning to use it for creating some 3D models like rockets, or devices charging beams, or science labs and models like that. 3DS Max will fill out those hole in my video that After Effects isn’t capable of filling yet.

I think that I can use After Effects and 3DS Max to show how their is research going on all around the world to test the limits of the speed of light. Scientists are trying to figure out something even faster than the speed of light and i think that it would be a really interesting topic to make a video on.

Big question: How can After Effects and 3DS Max be used in Physics B to show how the speed of light is thought of being broken?

– Why use After Effects and 3DS Max to present this?

– How to make the universe?

– How to make an Earth?

– How to make object that will look like light particles?

– How can I relate this video to my Physics unit of inquiry?

– How to find the information fro my project?

– How can this help have a better understanding to students?

– How will I engage the students?


Hey guys,

A prezi made for Adobe After Effects, I will be narrating it while showing it so it won’t make sense when you just watch the Prezi. But, you can just watch it for fun.


One Day On Earth

As many of us might know already One Dy on Earth is an organization that record, and influence other to do so too, various activities that occur around the globe on one single day, and post them on their website These videos are marvelous to see, and hard to believe as it has so much going on in it in one single day. This year the annual date for the recording was 11-11-11. People all around the globe were encouraged to record videos and upload them on their websites. Students in our school got these videos as class assignments, we were supposed to make video for the one day community and upload them. However, in our Advanced Technology class we had more choice, we could either upload our videos on the one day website, or put them on YouTube. I decided to put it on YouTube as I thought my video didn’t match many of the requirements that a one day video must have. The link below shows my video that I made on Tabaski.


This link “Big 6 Skills and Steps” leads to a plan the students made that would help them organize the information in their videos better.

Origins of Khan Academy

I am hoping that mostly all of us know about Khan Academy. It is one of most successful source of virtual teaching an learning. Right now, over millions of students or even grown up adults are part of this amazing website that educated people in a very interactive way. Real life learning is definitively awesome, but some advantages that virtual learning has over real life learning is that:

– You can go on your own pace

– You don’t have to feel embargoes of asking the same question again and again. Just rewind the video.

– You don’t have to sit there and watch it a specific time. It’s at your own will, if your responsible and interested enough.

– If you don’t completely understand from the virtual source, you always have the real life learning to refer back to with some extra knowledge.

Khan Academy is that very virtual learning course. It in particular is very entertaining and lively compared to other virtual educational videos, simply because the voice of the tutor is always very enthusiastic and also because he tries to keep the humor alive in the video too.

Khan Academy began when one person, Salman Khan, tried to help his cousins in Maths or just for their sake made a video about it and uploaded it n YouTube. The feedback he received was amazing. He got letters from people, enthusiastic and thanking YouTube comments, people actually started watching his videos for their preparations, etc. From there he got an idea of Khan Academy and started this amazing virtual source  of education.

In this video Eli Periser is informing all of us about how social and news websites like Google, or Facebook, or Yahoo News use algorithmic values and calculations to self determine what does the person looking at the screen actually want to see. They would cancel out any adds, or web links, or notifications which they presume is least opened by the user, hence just an unnecessary piece in their research and doesn’t hold any value when in fact that very page or link might carry a significant purpose to the user. It might just be that the user has not been able to use that piece of information within the time period the website thought that person doesn’t really want the page at all.

Eli Periser also talks about how these actions of the websites are restricting people all around the world from the knowledge they should have about the world. Internet was invented for the social communication, or connectivity of the wold. Now, however, that very reason is at risk as internet now is only giving us the information or a source that we want but not what we need. This would just end up making people around the world just anonymous about what’s happening around them.

The Dawn of The Jing

Jing strikes again:

Jing is a screen recording software, it is also capable f taking snapshots. I used Jing to record my Hero project. Although the time limit restricted me in some sorts, it was challenging for me to compress my presentation to the time limit. Instead of using programs like Prezzie, or power point, I just used Fire Fox. I opened up all the things that I wanted to say, and organized them accordingly in different tabs. I think i did a fare job in introducing my hero’s achievements to the world. I explained his acts to the people just the way I wanted to. However, I think that I could have improved my oral skills by not stammering al the time, by being more confident while speaking, and by using a better quality of vocabulary.

All in all I think I did a fair job with my Jing project.

Google Docs is an amazing tool fro collaborative work. It allows people to share ideas very easily. These are the things that I already knew about Google Docs, but after reading this article my respect and excitement level for using Google docs sky highed. MIT is a very respectful university for technology. They are best known for their technological skills. Looking at the MIT teachers  using a tool like Google Docs is a real inspiration for naive users to really look into this this tool. Also it a really useful tool to be used in schools for students to share their ideas more clearly.